Whether you’re looking to replace your ducted air conditioning or install air conditioning for the first time in your house, our qualified electricians can assist you in making the best decision. Our team can install an air conditioning system in your home or office to maintain that optimal temperature in the unpredictable Australian weather. Talk to one of our pleasant and knowledgeable staff members about ways to make your environment more comfortable.

Air conditioning (A/C or AC) is the process of removing heat and managing the humidity of air in an enclosed space to achieve a more comfortable interior atmosphere through the use of powered “air conditioners” or a range of alternative ways such as passive cooling and ventilative cooling. Air conditioning is part of a family of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems and processes (HVAC).

Air conditioners, which use vapor-compression refrigeration, come in a variety of sizes, from small units used in vehicles or single rooms to gigantic systems that can chill entire buildings.

The phrase refrigeration refers to the process of cooling an area, substance, or system in order to lower and/or keep its temperature below that of the surrounding environment (while the removed heat is rejected at a higher temperature).